C60 Olive Oil Health Benefits…

C60 Olive Oil

It has been scientifically proven that C60 olive oil reduces the effects of oxidation and aging resulting in an increased lifespan for mammals. Fathi Moussa, a French scientist led a team of researchers in 2011 to conduct a study on the toxicity of C60 when mixed with olive oil. The initial study conducted was meant to establish whether daily doses of C60 were lethal to rats and the results revealed the opposite to be true. The scientists discovered that C60 was responsible for improving the lifespan of the rats. The mixture of C60 enabled them to have an increased lifespan by 95% which was unheard of in the longevity research field.

Benefits of C60 Blended with Olive oil

Improved Longevity

A study conducted to determine the toxicity of C60 revealed that C60 olive oil can prevent the dying of nerve cells and increase longevity. The rats that were subjects of the study managed to live up to almost double their standard lifespan. This was witnessed even when the C60 dosage was administered halfway through their lifespan.

Protection against Free Radicals

Free radicals in the body react with any molecule they encounter and damage it before moving to the next one. This results in development of a variety of diseases and increases aging signs. Free radicals can attack your body from anywhere like through pesticides, processed foods, cigarette smoke, pollutants and more. C60 has the ability to destroy these free radicals.

Fights Inflammation

Another amazing benefit of C60 oil is its ability to prevent inflammation. This makes it a powerful solution for those who are suffering from arthritis or any other joint-related pain. Research carried out on arthritic rats revealed that C60 can prevent inflammation. The scientists further concluded that C60 may be a workable treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.

Fights Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome and obesity impede a healthy lifestyle because you risk getting diseases like diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease among others. C60 works to protect you against metabolic syndrome and prevents the growth of fat cells.

Kills Viruses

A study shows that C60 can destroy MIV (mosquito iridescent virus). In addition, there is a great possibility that it can destroy iridoviruses entirely. This protects the body against diseases caused by these viruses.

Destroys Bacteria

C60 can kill off streptococcus bacteria that can contribute towards skin infections, toxic shock syndrome and strep throat. A study on mice by the American Society for Microbiology revealed that C60 prevented the death of 33% of the mice which were infected with streptococcus bacteria. Further studies suggest that C60 is even more effective when mixed with activated charcoal.

Prevents UV Damage

C60 can protect the skin from UV damage. Studies were conducted on human skin models and it was established that C60 was effective in stopping sunburn. Another advantage is that C60 can blend with skin lotions making it extremely easy for you to add it to your skincare routine. Note that C60 oil can stain the skin so you can taste it on a safe area to ensure that you mix in the right amount of cream.

More research is underway to determine other benefits of C60 olive oil. So far, the results are remarkable and C60 olive oil has become a health sensation

MMS Supplement & your Health…

Miracle Mineral Supplement, frequently alluded as M. M. S., the M. M. Solution, or the Master Mineral Solution. It is a poisonous arrangement of 28% Na chlorite mixed refined water. The item contains basically the same fixing as modern quality blanches before “actuation” with a sustenance grade corrosive. Its product label was instituted on an independently published book last 2006 of Mr. Jim Humble. The book is entitled as “The Marvel Mineral Arrangement of the Twenty First Century”. A more weaken rendition is promoted as CDS or what is called the Chlorine Dioxide Solution.Bacteria & the MMS Suplement...

MMS is dishonestly advanced as a cure for intestinal sickness, HIV, hepatitis infections, the H1N1 influenza infection, regular colds, a mental imbalance, pimple inflammation, disease, and other significant disorders. There was no clinical trials done in testing these said cases, which come just from the book and some episodic reports. According to The Sydney Morning Herald last January of 2010, a report said that a merchant conceded that they don’t reuse any product of Humble that claimed this product as a cure. Venders here and there portray it as water purifier in order to go around medicinal regulations. IFRC and RCF has forbidden “in the most grounded terms” any report by any promoter of the product that it is used to treat Malaria.

Sodium chlorite, MMS primary ingredient, is a lethal synthetic that can bring about intense renal disappointment if ingested. Little measures of around a gram can be required to bring about sickness, retching and even a hemolysis which is such a threat to life of a persons. At the point when citrus extract or other sustenance corrosive is utilized to “initiate” MMS as portrayed in its guidelines, the blend delivers a fluid arrangement with chlorine dioxide, which is a poison and a strong oxidizing specialists utilized as a part to treat water and for bleaching.

The US Environmental Protection Agency set 0.8 mg of chlorine dioxide per 1 liter of drinking water is the highest level. Naren Gunja, executive of the NSWPIC, has expressed that utilizing the item is “a touch like ingestion of bleach that is very concentrated” and that clients have shown indications reliable with destructive wounds, for example, spewing, stomach agonies, and loose bowels.

MMS is not sanction for the treatment of any illness and as per US EPA; ceaseless introduction to little dosage of NAO2 could bring about conceptive and neuro formative harm. And a short study of this discovered that there is no impacts in the chemistry of the urine, in the blood, or any physical effects in 84 days to all the volunteers. There are actually more animal subjects on this research than the use of human. For this research about animals, a collective data has shown that it affect their thyroid functionality. Also, for grivet monkeys, in a period of six months, it decreases the CD4+ cells. While in rats, it decreases the subject’s RBCs. There are several researches and tests but there are still several number of people who uses this solution to take care of their health because although there are things negatively shown by research there are those who said it is as much as effective that the real cure.

Protect your Family with the Miracle Mineral

Are you experiencing weight problems? Did you gain a lot of extra fat last summer? Are you sick and tired of being fat and would like to change your life? Obesity is still the problem of many Americans today. It is really not good and can be a cause of having other diseases. We really have to do something about it. Obesity can be treated with MMS, Potent Medicine delivers Against Deadly Pathogens...exercise and with the proper diet. Miracle mineral supplement really cures so many serious diseases and do wonders for weight loss.

MMS is made of sodium chlorite, activating agent and water. According to studies, when sodium chlorite is mix with chlorine dioxide, it can oxidize diseases in the body. It can oxidize unwanted fats. You don’t need those fats in your body. Make it simple and live young. You don’t need to make your life complicated. Life is great and it is all about being healthy. The Subject of using MMS & how best to follow appropriate protocols in the official Jim Humble approved & certified website

We all know that obesity can bring more other serious diseases including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many more. I remember a tv series, “biggest loser” starred with very fat people. Later, they had weight loss little by little and realized everything.

As mentioned previously, you need to do a little further information gathering on your own part – this way you can make up your own mind as to how things work.

They said that they don’t need to take many maintenance medications for high blood, diabetes and a lot more. Bad days are gone! What a miracle, right? That is the key of having a healthy body. That is the gateway to live happier and have extra confident. That is the goodness of having a fat free body.

MMS & your Health – What do Know…

The agony was over when a family gave him a bottle of MMS. He had a miracle when he was cured within a week of using MMS. That’s really amazing. There is a testimonial from an Australian man. He said that he noticed many changes to his health after using MMS for weeks. He said that his reflux, heartburn and acid gut was cured. He even earned more body resistance to fight for flu, cough and running MMS & your  Health...nose. His cholesterol lower down and many changes to his health after using the product. He is very thankful for MMS making him better and stronger person ever.

Another testimonial is about a lady who had paralyzed hand and foot. When they first asked for MMS help, her husband just helped her with her walker.   She had paralyzed hand and food, suffered with terrible back and leg pains. That’s made her felt sorry because she can’t do anything for her husband. She is thankful that her husband is with her during difficult days.

After taking MMS for ½ hour, she felt changes. She is able to move her paralyzed hand and was able to exercise her foot. Her pain is lessened and she felt even better after taking the second dose of MMS. It is really good to be able to walk again and do normal things every day. That is miracle and more miracles happened only with MMS.