C60 Olive Oil Health Benefits…

C60 Olive Oil

It has been scientifically proven that C60 olive oil reduces the effects of oxidation and aging resulting in an increased lifespan for mammals. Fathi Moussa, a French scientist led a team of researchers in 2011 to conduct a study on the toxicity of C60 when mixed with olive oil. The initial study conducted was meant to establish whether daily doses of C60 were lethal to rats and the results revealed the opposite to be true. The scientists discovered that C60 was responsible for improving the lifespan of the rats. The mixture of C60 enabled them to have an increased lifespan by 95% which was unheard of in the longevity research field.

Benefits of C60 Blended with Olive oil

Improved Longevity

A study conducted to determine the toxicity of C60 revealed that C60 olive oil can prevent the dying of nerve cells and increase longevity. The rats that were subjects of the study managed to live up to almost double their standard lifespan. This was witnessed even when the C60 dosage was administered halfway through their lifespan.

Protection against Free Radicals

Free radicals in the body react with any molecule they encounter and damage it before moving to the next one. This results in development of a variety of diseases and increases aging signs. Free radicals can attack your body from anywhere like through pesticides, processed foods, cigarette smoke, pollutants and more. C60 has the ability to destroy these free radicals.

Fights Inflammation

Another amazing benefit of C60 oil is its ability to prevent inflammation. This makes it a powerful solution for those who are suffering from arthritis or any other joint-related pain. Research carried out on arthritic rats revealed that C60 can prevent inflammation. The scientists further concluded that C60 may be a workable treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.

Fights Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome and obesity impede a healthy lifestyle because you risk getting diseases like diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease among others. C60 works to protect you against metabolic syndrome and prevents the growth of fat cells.

Kills Viruses

A study shows that C60 can destroy MIV (mosquito iridescent virus). In addition, there is a great possibility that it can destroy iridoviruses entirely. This protects the body against diseases caused by these viruses.

Destroys Bacteria

C60 can kill off streptococcus bacteria that can contribute towards skin infections, toxic shock syndrome and strep throat. A study on mice by the American Society for Microbiology revealed that C60 prevented the death of 33% of the mice which were infected with streptococcus bacteria. Further studies suggest that C60 is even more effective when mixed with activated charcoal.

Prevents UV Damage

C60 can protect the skin from UV damage. Studies were conducted on human skin models and it was established that C60 was effective in stopping sunburn. Another advantage is that C60 can blend with skin lotions making it extremely easy for you to add it to your skincare routine. Note that C60 oil can stain the skin so you can taste it on a safe area to ensure that you mix in the right amount of cream.

More research is underway to determine other benefits of C60 olive oil. So far, the results are remarkable and C60 olive oil has become a health sensation